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The Festival

This is the second year of a festival that we pledge to hold for a minimum of three years, and hopefully for many decades to come. Our goal is to increase stoke and build community - Alaskans supporting Alaskans.

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Our Values

  • Love of skiing and riding

  • Kindness and compassion

  • Care and respect for Alaska's natural environment


    Inclusivity - support and respect for folks new to the sport and winter mountain environments

  • Self-reliance and personal responsibility in the mountains; helping others in need

  • Appreciation for safety and rescue professionals - and the responsibility to do all that is possible to avoid needing their assistance

  • The pursuit of freedom and happiness in the mountains

  • Mutual respect among all mountain user groups

  • Progressing and living the sport in the way that feels right to YOU!

  • We celebrate all types of skiing and riding downhill, from the bunny hill to monoskiing corn to the steep and deep

  • We believe everyone who wants to be in the mountains belongs there - we cheer on newbies in their journey as they gain knowledge, skill, and competence on new objectives

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The People

Festival Directors:

Emily Baker

Big mountain skier and community-builder, in love with everything about times and places where snow and mountains intersect. Emily works as a glaciologist, and holds a graduate degree in snow science. She was raised in a household where the license plate read "TELEMK," and her north-of-70 father still drops a knee. Before pivoting to science, she paid her dues in the ski industry as a volunteer ski patroller, lift operator, children's ski racing program director, ski instructor, and - best of all - tele skiing for minimum wage in a moose costume with a 3-foot tall paper mache head. She was long ago a NCAA Division 1 alpine ski racer, and top-10 junior olympian. She is thankful for what skiing has brought to her life, and seeks to pay it forward to the larger ski community by hosting this festival. Her proudest moments skiing include Pontoon Peak in 2019 (sled ski accessed, and climbing from the base), and the ongoing pursuit of ski ballet.

Greg Stafford

Big mountain skier, videographer, land surveyor, hot tub enthusiast. Current holder of men's monoski title in the Alyeska town league (primarily due to showing up more often than the other contender). Born and raised in Anchorage, with original ski skills honed on the Arctic Valley Ski Team. Greg's late father Bruce was instrumental in the Gravity Sports Film Festival in Anchorage in the early 1990s - this festival builds upon that legacy.

Other key players are involved in the

Film Selection Committee

Judging Committee

Advisory Committee

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