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Northern Aspects pow shot of Eric Newberry in Haines Alaska



  • Submit by October 6th, 2024

  • Skiing and riding filmed in Alaska

  • Two categories - films under 10 minutes, or under 5 minutes

  • More accepted in the 5 minute category. 

    Submit video link via submission form at top of this page.

  • Reach out with technical support questions; we encourage amateur efforts! The internet has many how-to resources for video editing.

Award Categories

  • Audience Choice 

  • Judges Choice

  • Dirtbag Award

  • Silly Send Award

  • Impact Award

Selection Criteria

  • Creativity

  • Artistry

  • Aesthetics of composition

  • Storyline

  • Preference for items filmed primarily in the last 3 years

  • Focus on skiing/riding/ sliding downhill in a spirit of joy

"Pro-level" films that have received support of mainstream ski industry brands, and been shown/ hosted online by various gear/industry channels will be considered, but we plan for these to make up less than 30% of the program. They will not be considered for the main award categories. We LOVE everything y'all pros do, but the intention of this festival is to showcase the unseen grassroots projects. Send us your unfunded crazy artistic side projects, pros! With no brands to impress ... it's your time to get weird.

Submission Details: About


Q: What is the 'Silly Send' award category?

A: Joy and fulfillment in the mountains pursued in the silliest, most delightful way. Think saucer boy, or ski couches, or monoski springtime bliss

Q: What is the 'Dirtbag' award?

A: A dirtbag can be thought of as one who displays a total devotion to skiing, forsaking such material trappings as money, conventional housing and many social norms in the quest for Total Powder Perfection. The ascetic powder nomad (snowmad). Something on the borderline of madman(woman) and genius, we want to celebrate the extreme devotion of these elite few to the pursuit of pow. Award to the filmmaker, not the actual dirtbag (at the discretion of filmmaker whether or not to share said award).

Q: What is the impact award?

A: The film that makes us THINK and FEEL the most! Regardless of videography skill and quality of skiing :)

Q: Why have this festival

A: Why not!

Q: Date and venue?

A: Premiering November 2nd at Beartooth in Anchorage, AK! More tour dates to come.

Submission Details: Welcome
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