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Alaska Ski Stories

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Alaska Skiing || Spring 2021
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Alaska is a legendary center in the ski world. As Alaskans, we want to celebrate the incredible skiing and adventures shared in these mountains we all love - and the community created by these shared experiences.


This is a film festival celebrating the magic of Alaska ski culture. From steep spine lines to Turnagain powder meadows, magic carpet toddler laps, or Juneau rain skiing - we love it all.

Our 2023 premier date will be announced soon. The festival premiered November 10th, 2022 at Williwaw Social in Anchorage, and had 9 showings across the state.

Award Categories

Audience Choice 

Judges Choice

Dirtbag Award

Silly Send Award

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Every type of skiing and in any filmmaking style is welcomed: powder meadow-skipping, stomping spine lines, animation, backcountry dogs with goggles, 5 year old groms loving the wiggle, an artistic light show, summer snowblading. We want it all! Give us documentary, narrative, live action, art films, science, experimental stories. As long as it celebrates Alaska skiing and culture, that’s our jam. For the first year of this festival, given this summer announcement, we understand that you are limited to footage you have already taken. We look forward to your creativity.

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What does it mean to “be an Alaskan”, in a sense, to belong to a place? For the purposes of this film festival, we define it simply as folks who feel a special affinity for the lands here, find it a significant part of their lives, and have spent time here building a relationship with its place and people. 

The lands commonly known as Alaska have sustained people for millennia; Alaska Native peoples have resided in this wonderful landscape since time immemorial, and continue to hold deep cultural understanding of this place. We plan to support and elevate the role of Alaska Natives in the outdoor community in the ways which we have capacity. More broadly, we seek to hold space for all people to safely exist and seek joy in mountain environments. If this festival proves financially successful, in future years, we plan for this support to most likely look like financial support for the participation of historically underrepresented groups in existing local ski development pipelines such as Alaska's amazing local avalanche education courses and/or ski school/race clubs.

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